We are consolidating our Happy Valley Urgent Care to our Clackamas Urgent Care as of 4/1/19


The Doctors and Team of Medical Professionals at Columbia Urgent Care Treat All Ages, Hours Vary By Location. We Are Committed to Providing Exceptional Urgent Care Service at Each of Our 5 Locations. We Serve Children to Seniors, Walk-In or Call Us Today.

At Columbia Clinic Urgent Care, our network of physicians, technicians, and medical staff are dedicated to providing families with the best possible urgent care that there is to offer in your area. We are a family friendly urgent care center that has five locations in Oregon and offer flexible hours dependent on each location. At our facilities, we know that minor medical emergencies do not rely on a set schedule, so neither do we. Rather than scheduling an appointment months in advance with your primary care provider or waiting in a sitting room for hours at a hospital, we provide the convenient alternative of walk-in services at each of our urgent care clinics in Oregon.

Columbia Clinic Urgent Care centers are located at the following addresses and locations:

82nd Avenue: 8122 SE Tibbetts St, Portland OR

Division Street: 16279 SE Division St, Portland OR

Mall 205: 9710 SE Washington St Suite B, Portland OR

Clackamas: 9995 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley OR

Tigard: 9735 SW Shady Lane #100, Tigard OR

When a minor medical emergency or urgent care disaster strikes in the Portland, Happy Valley or Tigard areas, we know that a first instinct for most families is to rush to a hospital. Unfortunately, hospitals often involve hours of waiting time before a rushed consultation happens with a nurse or physician. At Columbia Clinic Urgent Care, we know that your health comes first and it can’t wait for hours. That is why we offer excellent urgent care services in a timely manner, and aim to get you in and out of our urgent care center feeling healthier as soon as possible.

Our team of medical professionals at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care is our greatest asset. With knowledgeable and experienced doctors, technicians and medical staff on site, we are capable of helping families with a wide variety of urgent care needs. So whether you or your child are suffering from a bad headache or a sprained ankle, you can rest assured that our medical team can have you feeling healthier and happier soon. In addition to our urgent care services, Columbia Clinic Urgent Care also offers the following:

Primary Care
Accident Care
Pharmacy Services

We are a one stop shop for a large array of medical needs and services, and have accessible locations in various parts of Oregon. Regardless of your urgent care or primary care needs, Columbia Clinic Urgent Care is happy to help you and your family feel better soon. If you have any questions about our services or five locations in Oregon, then please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We are open during flexible hours and you can walk in with no appointment if needed.

At our urgent care clinic, our goal is to provide patients with excellent urgent care services at affordable prices in a great community. We look forward to helping you feel better soon! Here is a list of Urgent Care Locations Near You. 

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