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Wounds and Injuries Treatment Clinic Q&A

Wounds and Injuries Treatment Clinic Q&A

Wounds and injuries occur daily, and need urgent care sometimes. Walk in or book an appointment if you experience a wound or injury that needs medical treatment. For more information, call us. We have convenient locations to serve you at Tibbetts St Portland, Stark Street Portland and Tigard, OR.

Wounds and Injuries Treatment Clinic Near Me in Portland OR, and Tigard OR
Wounds and Injuries Treatment Clinic Near Me in Portland OR, and Tigard OR

Table of Contents:

What are the types of wounds?
What are the causes of wounds?
What is a physical injury?
What are the complications of a wound?

What are the types of wounds?

A wound is an injury that has broken the skin or other body tissue. Wounds may be broken skin, open, expose body tissue, or cause damage to the tissue under the skin which is closed. Almost everyone will at one point in their lifetime experience an open wound; however, the difference will be the severity which it will range and it will depend on the type of wound experienced:

Penetrating wounds
Puncture wounds
Surgical incisions and wounds
Thermal, electric, or chemical burns
Bites and stings
Gunshot wounds
High-velocity projectiles that penetrate the body

Blunt force trauma
Skin tears

Other major types of closed wounds include:

Known to be caused by blunt trauma which causes pressure damage to the underlying tissue and/or skin


Known as a fluid-filled area that develops within the tissue, or underneath the skin

Known as a blood-filled area that develops within the tissue, or underneath the skin

Crush injuries

Ulcers are the final type of wound that can occur, there are four main types of ulcers that can be caused including:

Arterial Ulcers & Venous Ulcers
These vascular wounds are often caused by issues within the circulatory system
Neuropathic Ulcers
These ulcers can be painless, this is due to them arising from minor traumas which often go unnoticed because of the loss of sensation, which is known as peripheral neuropathy.
Pressure Ulcers
These injuries are caused to the skin as well as the underlying tissue and are caused primarily due to prolonged pressure on the skin.

What are the causes of wounds?

Often minor wounds are caused by that a scratch, scrape, cut, or bruise, and will often swell up. While many do not require medical attention, the use of at-home medical care is sufficient, others will need medical attention, including wounds that have become infected and require treatment to preserve function and further prevent any complications.

Surgical wounds are one reason a wound is caused, it is due to surgery causing an incision or cut that is then closed with sutures and left to heal. If you have a medical issue like a weakened immune system or diabetes, a simple fall and a scrape on the knee can lead to complications, same with obesity, and an increase in age. There are plenty of other causes that contribute to chronic non-healing wounds, simply from everyday activities from car accidents to sports-related accidents, falling while running, or bumping into something. Chronic conditions that can cause wounds to take longer to heal or not heal at all if something occurs include:

– Anemia
– Cancer
– Heart issues
– Immobility
– Smoking
– Unhealthy diet
– Inactivity
– Weakened immune system
– Infected wounds
– Circulation issues
– History of ulcers
– Certain medications

What is a physical injury?

A physical injury to the body could be referred to in terms of an accident, weapon, fall, hit, and more causing harm to the body. Physical injuries can occur in mild to severe forms to life-threatening. Physical injuries often happen each day at work, playing, being outdoors or indoors, walking, or driving a vehicle. Physical injuries are wounds that break the skin or the bodies tissues, these injuries can include scrapes, scratches, cuts, broken bones, torn ligaments or muscle and punctured skin, etc.

Common types of physical injuries include:

Animal bite
– Dislocations
– Electrical injuries
– Broken bones

What are the complications of a wound?

In today’s modern society, with all of the precautionary measures and protocols that are put in place, there still can be complications with wound healing. Complications will often include infections to the site of the wound. A few of the complications that can occur include:

– Increase in drainage
– Thick yellow, green, or brown pus
– Pus that has a foul odor
– Fever of 100.4oF (38oC) for four hours or longer
– Tender lump on the armpit or groin
– A wound that is not healing

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