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Sprains & Strains Injury Treatment

Sprains & Strains Injury Treatment in Portland, OR and Tigard, OR

Columbia Clinic Urgent Care in Portland, OR and Tigard, OR Provides Treatments for Sprains and Strains. For More Information, Contact Us Today or Book an Appointment Online. We have convenient locations to serve you at Tibbetts St Portland, Stark Street Portland and Tigard, OR.

Sprains and Strains Injury Treatment Near Me in Portland, OR and Tigard, OR
Sprains and Strains Injury Treatment Near Me in Portland, OR and Tigard, OR

Table of Contents:

How do I know whether I have a strain or sprain?
How are sprains and strains typically treated?
Do you provide sprains and strains injury treatment in Portland, OR and Tigard, OR?

It’s common for people to get strains and sprains, but often people don’t get the kind of care they need. This is what urgent care is for, and here at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care, we’re more than capable of treating either ailment. Come see us today if you or a loved one is injured with a minor strain or sprain. No appointment is necessary, and we’ll be able to fix the issue right away, right on the spot.

How do I know whether I have a strain or sprain?

A strain is a common injury to a muscle or tendon, while a sprain is a common injury to a ligament. It’s often easy to tell whether you have one or the other based on how you acquired the injury in the first place. Usually, a sprain is caused by a trauma (like a twisted ankle or a fall), while a strain is usually caused by overusing or overstretching a muscle or tendon. Sometimes, during a sprain, it’s possible to feel a tear in the joint.

The common signs and symptoms of a sprain are immediate pain, swelling, bruising, instability of the joint, decreased range of motion, and an inability to use the joint. It’s easy to confuse these symptoms with those of a strain, but it’s possible to distinguish one from the other. Usually, a strain will have symptoms like immediate or delayed pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, muscle cramping, and immediate or delayed bruising.

If you’re experiencing any of those symptoms, then the best thing for you to do is seek immediate care, regardless of whether you think it’s a strain or sprain. For most cases of strains and sprains, urgent care can help easily and get you back home quickly to recover.

How are sprains and strains typically treated?

Urgent care doctors are fully capable of both diagnosing and treating either kind of injury, so you can be confident in their capabilities. The first step is to determine precisely what the issue is, so the doctor will perform a physical evaluation and examine the injured area. He or she will check your range of motion, degree of pain, strength in the area, and stability. If there’s a chance of a bone injury, like a fracture, the doctor might recommend an MRI or X-ray. Another one of the great things about urgent care is that it can perform X-rays right on the spot, so you won’t have to be referred to a specialist!

Simple, mild strains and sprains can be treated pretty easily. After you’re diagnosed, the doctor might simply send you home and recommend rest, icing the injury, compression over the area, and elevating the injured body part. However, your injury might be more severe and require professional treatment.

For these more serious injuries, the doctor will provide the proper treatment to immobilize the injured area, and likely offer over-the-counter or prescription painkillers. These two treatments together will both address the pain and help the injury heal over the next two to six weeks. The doctor might also decide you could benefit from short-term physical therapy, so he or she might refer you to a specialist for that. Some especially serious cases of sprains and strains require surgery, but this is uncommon.

Do you provide sprain and strain injury treatment in Portland, OR and Tigard, OR?

Yes, we do! If you’re currently suffering from a strain or sprain, then you can come see us today with no appointment necessary. We’ll be able to take care of you right away and have you back home in next to no time. Columbia Clinic Urgent Care is here for you! We serve patients from Tibbetts St Portland, Milwaukie OR, Oak Grove OR, Stark Street Portland, Fairview OR, Happy Valley OR, Gladstone OR, Cedar Mill OR, Tibbetts Street Portland OR, West Linn OR, Aloha OR, Tigard OR, Lake Oswego OR, Tualatin OR, Oregon City OR.

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