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Doctors Near Me Portland, OR

Doctors in Portland, OR

If you are looking for a doctor in Portland, OR, to help diagnose and treat your medical condition immediately and with high-quality care, come to Columbia Urgent Care. For more information, please contact us or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Portland at 82nd Avenue Portland OR and Mall 205 Portland OR.

Doctors Near Me in Portland, OR
Doctors Near Me in Portland, OR

Table of Contents:

Do you have to pay for walk-in clinics?
What do walk-in clinics treat?
Can I get a physical at your clinic?
Where are your five urgent care centers in Portland located, and when are they open?

Do you need a doctor near Portland, OR? If you don’t have a regular primary care physician or if that person is unavailable, come to Columbia Urgent Care today! Avoid the long wait times and high costs of a local ER room and be seen by one of our experienced physicians with no appointment needed. Our clinic accepts most major insurances, and we can treat a variety of non life-threatening illnesses and injuries. We have hours into the evening every day of the week and 3 locations in the Portland, OR area to serve you.

Do you have to pay for walk-in clinics?

Yes, in order to receive service at our urgent care center, you must have insurance or pay out of pocket. Many insurances require a co-pay to be seen by one of our doctors. This fee is determined directly by your insurance carrier. For those without insurance, we have discounted self-pay rates available.

What do walk-in clinics treat?

Our state of the art urgent care center can treat many of the illnesses and injuries you would bring to your regular doctor. You can come to our clinic if you suffer a sprain, strain, simple fracture, or a laceration. Our facility is equipped with a digital x-ray that allows us to take images of your injury so our doctors can make an accurate diagnosis. We will burn the copies of any x-rays on to a CD for you to take home.

Is it the flu? Strep throat? Allergies? Many illnesses share symptoms so it can be challenging to determine what you are precisely sick with. At Columbia Urgent Care, we have an onsite lab that can test you for many illnesses quickly. You can also rely on our walk-in urgent care center for accurate, confidential STD testing. The results of any test will be reviewed with you, and you will be sent home with a copy of them.

We can forward the results of any test or any x-ray images to another doctor or specialists upon request.

Are you traveling overseas or is your child attending a new school? Keep your family safe by keeping your immunizations up to date. Bring in your current records, and we’ll update them and make recommendations for any additional vaccines you need for overseas travel. While no appointment is needed, please keep in mind it may take up to 6 weeks for vaccines to be fully effective. 

Can I get a physical at your clinic?

Yes! If you need a physical right now for a job, school, or sport, come to our urgent care center right away. We’ll fill out all forms after a thorough medical exam. If any additional testing is needed, like blood, alcohol, or drug screenings, our onsite lab should be able to process it quickly. Small business owners consider setting up an account with us for pre-employment physicals and annual checkups to keep your workforce healthy!

Where are your urgent care centers in Portland located, and when are they open?

Columbia Urgent Care has convenient urgent care centers are located at:

9710 SE Washington St Suite B Portland OR 97216
Phone: (503) 261-8000
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday to Sunday: Closed

8122 SE Tibbetts St. Portland OR 97206
Phone: (503) 980-4824
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 4 pm
Sunday: 9 am to 3 pm

9415 SE Stark Street Portland OR 97216
Phone: (503) 761-6111
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Call any of our centers today for any questions about the services we offer or to check to see if we take your insurance carrier. If you are uninsured, ask about our affordable self-pay rates. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better!

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