Flu Shots Treatment in Tigard, OR

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Flu Shots Treatment in Tigard, OR

Having your family get the flu shot is the best way to protect them from getting the flu in the first place. What information should you be aware of about the flu/influenza vaccine before you and your family get it? Flu shots generally protect against three or four different strains of the flu virus. A new flu vaccine is created each and every year because the virus is consistently changing. For this season, there will be a different strain of the H3N2 virus and a different strain of the influenza B virus. Please note that the influenza virus shot should be administered to you and your family on an annual basis.

When should I get a flu shot?

It is very unpredictable for doctors to tell when exactly the flu season starts and ends. So, it is highly recommended that people get their flu shot in the early part of the fall to help avoid developing contact with the virus. Influenza typically peaks sometime in January or February and it typically takes a person roughly two weeks to build up an immunity against the flu after receiving the vaccination. The flu vaccine causes antibodies to develop within the body roughly about two weeks after receiving the vaccination. These antibodies will help provide you and your family protection against infection with the flu virus that is circulating that particular year.

Are there any side effects to the flu vaccine?

The biggest misconception about receiving the flu vaccine is that it can and will give you the flu. Flu vaccines that are given with a needle are currently made one of two different ways: the vaccine is made either with the flu vaccine viruses that are ‘inactivated’ and therefore are not infectious, or without any flu vaccine viruses at all. The most common side effects that patients have recorded experiencing from the flu vaccine include soreness, redness, tenderness or swelling in the area of treatment. Patients have also recorded having a slight fever, headache and muscle aches. These are side effects that can happen, and if they do – they are ever so slight.

Columbia Clinic Urgent Care offers the flu virus for children that are the ages 4 and up. Most insurances will pay 100% of the vaccine and our medical staff will take care of the hassle of filing your insurance for you. For patients who do not currently have insurance, Columbia Clinic Urgent Care offers the flu vaccine at a low and affordable price. Contact us today to find out more information. We are conveniently located near you at 9735 SW Shady Lane, Suite 100, Tigard, OR 97223. We are open Monday Friday from 9:00AM – 7:00PM and Saturday from 9:00AM – 3:00PM. The flu virus still claims lives every year, so protect yourself, along with your family and come into the best urgent care clinic near you to get your flu shot.

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