Hearing Doctor in Portland, OR

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Hearing Doctor in Portland, OR

The doctors and medical professionals at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care Clinic have an outstanding team that is here to provide treatment options, and symptom relief for your ear pain. We understand that whether you are experiencing ear pain or if your child is, it is vital that you receive the best medical help that is available to you. What are causes and signs of ear pain? When should you see a doctor? Why is receiving medical care from doctors at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care the right choice?

What are causes and signs of ear pain?

There can be a variety of different reasons why you are experiencing pain in the inner or outer part of your ear. That achy feeling can affect your ability to hear correctly because of an excessive amount of fluid in or behind your ear. With pain possibly increasing over time, you might also develop a fever.

Infections that are in the outer ear canal are often referred to as swimmer’s ear. This type of infection results in various different ailments in the ear – including increased pain, loss of hearing, and redness in and around your ear. An infection that is left untreated can become so severe that it can cause a perforated or a ruptured ear drum. You will likely experience severe ear pain, drainage, and possibly a loss of hearing. Making sure to seek medical attention for any of these symptoms is extremely important because they can create more serious or permanent, hearing problems.

When should you see a doctor for your ear pain?

If you are experiencing ear pain that is getting progressively worse, severe, or is persisting for two days or more, it is time for you to seek medical attention. Most people may not think that there is anything seriously wrong, however, they can be mistaken. Some other examples that should draw your attention to seek a medical doctor include:

  • Ear pain that is accompanied by a fever and/or a sore throat
  • Pain when you tug on your earlobe
  • Ear discharge
  • Ringing in your ears, dizziness, or any type of hearing loss
  • Swelling or rash on your ear canal or earlobe

Why is receiving medical care from doctors at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care the right choice?

Here at Columbia Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic our expert doctors and medical professionals will provide you or your family with the best medical assistance. We have many locations near you in the Portland, OR area to make sure that each of our patients are able to receive medical assistance when they need it. Our medical doctors and physician assistants will perform a thorough medical exam to assist you with selecting the best treatment option. Call us today and take the first step towards treating ear pain. Make the right choice and visit our walk-in clinic nearest you.

The hours and days of operation will vary for each location. Please be sure to call ahead to the clinic you plan on visiting. Columbia Clinic Urgent Care accept most major insurances and we also have a self-pay option available for those who are uninsured. If you have questions about the services/treatments we offer – call us and our medical staff will be more than happy to assist you.





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