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Mastitis Treatment Doctor

Mastitis Treatment Doctor in Portland and Tigard, OR

Mastitis is an inflammatory condition of the breast tissue that can cause a bacterial infection. Mastitis can be contracted by anyone. It is most common in women who breastfeed. Mastitis is most caused by hyperlactation or excessive milk production. If you notice any changes or pain in your breasts, consult a healthcare professional at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care. They will evaluate your symptoms and offer an effective treatment. For more information, please contact us or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you at Tibbetts St Portland, Stark Street Portland and Tigard, OR.

Mastitis Treatment Doctor Near Me in Portland and Tigard, OR
Mastitis Treatment Doctor Near Me in Portland and Tigard, OR

Table of Contents:

What does the beginning of mastitis look like?
What is the best treatment for mastitis?
What happens if mastitis is left untreated?
When should you go to the doctor for mastitis?

What does the beginning of mastitis look like?

Mastitis is an inflammatory condition of the breast tissue that can sometimes lead to infection. The onset of mastitis is often marked by a range of symptoms, including pain, warmth, redness, and swelling in the breast. These symptoms may be accompanied by fever and chills.

Although mastitis can affect both women and men, it is most seen in women who are breastfeeding. The symptoms tend to appear suddenly and usually affect only one breast. Individuals may notice a hot, painful, and swollen area on the breast, turning red in most cases, which is more easily identifiable on certain skin types and tones.

A hard lump may develop, and there might be nipple discharge, sometimes containing streaks of blood or appearing white. Additionally, a burning sensation in the breast that persists or worsens during breastfeeding, along with flu-like symptoms, can also indicate the onset of mastitis.

What is the best treatment for mastitis?

The treatment for mastitis often involves a combination of medication and home remedies. If symptoms do not improve within 12 to 24 hours of initial home care, it’s crucial to seek medical attention, especially if the individual is not breastfeeding. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for a typical course of 10 days to cure the infection.

Patients need to complete the entire course of antibiotics to ensure the condition does not reoccur. Over-the-counter pain relievers like NSAIDs or ibuprofen may also be recommended to manage symptoms and reduce pain. Despite the infection, patients are usually encouraged to continue breastfeeding, as it can help clear the infection.

Abrupt weaning off of breastfeeding can worsen the symptoms. In some instances, patients may be referred to lactation consultants who may offer support and suggest varying breastfeeding positions, ensuring complete breast drainage and massaging the breasts to avoid overfilling before breastfeeding.

What happens if mastitis is left untreated?

If mastitis is left untreated, it can lead to severe complications, negatively impacting the individual’s health and wellness. One of the significant risks is the formation of a breast abscess, which might require surgical drainage and is associated with considerable pain.

Breast abscesses can pose serious health problems and potentially hinder a woman’s ability to breastfeed in the future. Untreated mastitis can also increase the risk of recurrent episodes. Delayed or inadequate diagnosis and treatment can exacerbate this risk. In severe cases, untreated mastitis can lead to other health complications, as indicated by certain studies. The pain and discomfort associated with untreated mastitis can also significantly affect a woman’s quality of life, interfering with sleep, overall feelings of wellness, and the ability to care for a newborn child.

When should you go to the doctor for mastitis?

It is advisable to seek medical attention promptly if you notice any signs of mastitis, especially if symptoms have not improved with proper home care and remedies, such as resting and applying a cold compress to the affected breast area.

Early intervention and treatment at an urgent care center, such as Columbia Clinic Urgent Care, can lead to improved health outcomes and swift relief of symptoms. Your physician will examine the affected breast, assess symptoms, and check for tenderness, pain, swelling, or other signs of mastitis.

Additional tests may be ordered if the patient presents symptoms of mastitis but is not breastfeeding, as these symptoms could indicate other health conditions. Specialists at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care will collaborate with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan, providing relief from symptoms, enabling expectant or new mothers to focus on their overall health and wellness, and enjoying their pregnancy or newborn child without the burden of mastitis symptoms.

Mastitis treatment is available at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Tibbetts St Portland, Milwaukie OR, Oak Grove OR, Stark Street Portland, Fairview OR, Happy Valley OR, Gladstone OR, Cedar Mill OR, Tigard OR, Lake Oswego OR, Tualatin OR, Oregon City OR. We look forward to serving you!

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