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Primary Care Clinic Near Me Portland, OR

Primary Care Clinic in Portland, OR

The Doctors and Team of Medical Professionals at Columbia Urgent Care Treat All Ages, Hours Vary by Location. We Are Committed to Providing Exceptional Urgent Care Service at Each of Our 3 Locations. We Serve Children to Seniors, Walk-In or Call Us Today.

Primary Care Clinic in Portland, OR
Primary Care Clinic in Portland, OR

Table of Contents:

What does a primary care clinic do?
How is primary care different from secondary care, emergency care, and urgent care?
What services do primary/urgent care clinics offer?
Do you have a primary care clinic near me in Portland, OR?

It’s nice to have a walk-in primary care clinic in your area. You’re able to go right in for one-the-spot care when you need it or ongoing care for as long as you need it, and anyone of any age in your family is welcome. It’s like having a minor emergency and healthcare center in one, right in your community. For patients in the Portland area, Columbia Clinic Urgent Care is your go-to primary care clinic.

What does a primary care clinic do?

You can go to a primary care clinic whenever you need primary healthcare. This type of healthcare is basic, fundamental healthcare for the treatment, management, and prevention of common health conditions. Primary care physicians can diagnose and treat minor ailments like the flu, or heal injuries like minor sprains. They can also provide some care for patients with debilitating conditions like diabetes or heart conditions, and provide referrals to specialists when necessary. Also, physical exams like annual physicals and sports physicals can be performed by primary care physicians. Patients of any age are welcome at primary care clinics, including children.

One of the qualities that distinguishes Columbia Clinic from other primary care clinics is that we’re also an urgent care, walk-in clinic. This allows us to provide primary care on a walk-in basis so our patients won’t have to wait for an appointment.

How is primary care different from secondary care, emergency care, and urgent care?

With primary care, patients get the most fundamental, least specialized level of healthcare. Sometimes a primary care physician won’t be able to provide the level of care a particular patient requires, like mental health services or care for cancer patients. In these instances, the physician will refer the patient to a secondary care professional (a specialist).

Some health situations are especially serious and life-threatening, requiring the expertise of an emergency care professional. In these situations, you must call 911 and go to the emergency room (ER). Even if you’re not sure whether the situation is life-threatening, you must go to the ER.

However, if you’re absolutely sure the situation is not life-threatening, then you can go to an urgent care clinic instead. Urgent care is able to handle minor emergencies, and with Columbia Clinic Urgent Care, we’re also able to provide primary care!

What services do primary/urgent care clinics offer?

You and everyone else in your family can benefit from having a primary/urgent care clinic in your community. All of the primary care and urgent care services will be available to you and your loved ones on a walk-in basis, without the need for an appointment. Here’s what we can offer here at Columbia Clinic:

– Full primary care service and urgent care service on a walk-in basis
– Any referrals to specialists, if required
– Diagnosis and treatment for minor illnesses, infections, and injuries such as the common cold, urinary tract infections, and minor fractures
– Quick care for patients with allergies, fever, back pain, rashes, and other common conditions
– Ongoing care for patients with diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and other chronic conditions
– Electrocardiograms (EKGs) and lab tests for advanced diagnosis
– Vaccinations for adults and children, like flu shots
– Pregnancy tests
– STD tests and treatments
-Any type of physical exam such as yearly physicals, sports physicals, and school physicals
– And much more

Do you have a primary care clinic near me in Portland, OR?

Yes, we do! Columbia Clinic Urgent Care has three primary care locations in the Portland area. You can get an address and directions for each location on our Directions page. You’re more than welcome to come visit any of our locations in person with no appointment necessary, as we accept walk-ins, or you can book an appointment if you’d prefer to do that instead.

We hope to see you soon here at Columbia Clinic Urgent Care!

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