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TB Testing in Tigard, OR

TB Testing Clinic in Tigard, OR

If you are having symptoms of persistent cough for more than 3 weeks along with loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, and fatigue, come to Columbia Clinic Urgent Care and get yourself tested for TB. Our professionals will provide comprehensive treatment after a proper diagnosis. For more information, please contact us or book an appointment online. We are Located at 9735 SW Shady Lane, Suite 100, Tigard, OR 97223. We also accept walk-ins.

TB Testing Clinic Near Me in Tigard, OR
TB Testing Clinic Near Me in Tigard, OR

Table of Contents:

What is a TB (Tuberculosis) Skin Test?
What factors can lead to a positive TB test?
What are some common symptoms of TB (tuberculosis)?

What is a TB (Tuberculosis) Skin Test?

The skin test for tuberculosis, is also otherwise known as a Mantoux tuberculin test. This can seem rather a bit intimidating, but it is actually quite simple and straightforward.

There are two parts to a TB skin test. In the first appointment, a doctor will inject the patient with a small amount of liquid that is a sterile solution, that contains tuberculin. If a patient is infected with TB(tuberculosis), their immune system will react to the injection given by the doctor. The injection will usually be administered on the inside of the patients’ forearm. When it is done properly, the injection will then create a small, pale-colored bump on the skin. This is called a wheal.

At the second appointment, the doctor will conduct a diagnosis. This diagnosis must be done between 48-72 hours after the initial injection. At the appointment, the doctor will then check to see if there has been any development to the wheal on the patients’ skin. If the patient happens to be able to attend this appointment, they will have to repeat the process all over again. The doctor will also look to see how the body has responded to the administered injection. To do this, the doctor or a medical professional will measure the diameter of the wheal on the patients’ forearm and then ask questions about the individual’s medical history, family medical history and their environment.

What factors can lead to a positive TB test?

If the patients’ results happen to come back in the positive range, the doctor will investigate further by asking questions to help find out about other factors in the patients’ life. Factors that can highly affect the results of a tuberculosis skin test can include:

– Recent contact with another person that has tuberculosis
– Working at a medical center, facilities such as a hospital, care center, or medical lab
– Previously having TB in the past
– Receiving an organ transplant
– Currently taking immunosuppressant drugs
– Being positive for HIV
– Recently visiting a country where TB is very common
– Using illegal injected drugs

Young children, or young children exposed to adults with TB, are also at a high risk
In very rare cases, the body will have a dramatic response to the administration of the skin test. This will sometimes cause the wheal to grow over 15 mm in diameter. This highly indicates a positive test result no matter what other circumstances there are.

What are some common symptoms of TB (tuberculosis)?

It is actually very common for a person with the TB infection to experience little to no symptoms initially. Once a person begins to notice these symptoms, the bacteria has become active in the body. When the TB bacterial infection becomes active, a person may start to notice many symptoms, including:

– Night sweats
– Persistent cough lasting longer than 3 weeks
– Unusual loss of appetite
– Abnormal weight loss
– Fever
– General body fatigue

If TB does happen to progress, the cough may get worse, and the person may initially begin to cough up blood. We serve patients from Tigard OR, Tualatin OR, Beaverton OR, Lake Oswego OR and surrounding areas.

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